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about us

is a Czech cultural bi-weekly reflecting culture in the broad sense of the word, including social events and politics.  Published every other Wednesday, it offers 32 pages about literature, film, art, theatre, music, and of course politics.

A2 was established in October 2005, published as a weekly until December 2008.

Our main effort is to approach quality living art in context - be it the context of other art categories, the context of civil society or the context of both Czech and international art production. We seek works and tendencies giving a true picture of our time, frequently a more sensitive, accurate, prompt and irritating one than we would like it to be.



A great part of each issue consists of reviews of all kinds of art works and expert publications, followed by an essay, an interview, media criticism, short fiction, sections dedicated to subcultures or civil resistance, as well as social commentaries dedicated to both Czech and international issues. Every fortnight, the main theme of the issue is introduced. A2 was the first one to introduce many a new topic to the Czech milieu, such as AIDS and activism, fanzins and web blogging, DIY, contemporary Czech drama or women in subcultures. Serious “academic“ topics (such as or contemporary literary theory, documentary film, Austrian migration literature, videoart etc.) are discussed in a comprehensible way attractive for the readers.

A2 is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic ( and International Visegrad Fund (

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