7/6/19 - 9/6/19


15:00 - 18:00

Inspire yourself with new ways technology can augment your skills and creativity! Sensorium is festival for designers, creative directors, technologists, architects, innovators, artists and scientists interested in human driven technology.

Meet the great speakers: Elliot Woods - Kimchi and Chips (KOR), Christopher Csíkszentmihályi | MIT Inštitút (USA/PT), Stefanie Posavec (UK), Cristóbal Valenzuela (USA), Aleksandra Przegalinska (PL), Jonathan Reus (NL), @Ján Pernecký (SK) and others and learn more!There is last couple of tickets! Be sure to grab your entrée to our Sensorium Festival 2019 and experience fusion of reality and creative technologies.

Augment your digital design and new media practice
Elliot Woods (KOR) - co-founder of Kimchi and Chips
George Profenza (UK) - designer and technologist at Hirsch & Mann
Ján Pernecký (SK) - founder of architecture community rese arch and Subdigital studio
Danica Pistekova (SK) - co-founder of ephemeral architecture studio Wo|V|eN

Understand how to use AI for your creative practice
Cristobal Valenzuela (USA) - author Runwayapp.ai

Understand the context of creating human driven technology in 21st century
Chris Csíkszentmihályi (USA) - founder MIT Civic Media Lab
Alexandra Przegalinska (PL) - AI & futurology

Learn how to augment data and technology through art an design
Stefanie Posavec (UK) - co-author of Dear Data, data visualisation
Jonathan Reus (NL) - award winning artist and technologist
Sissel Marie Tonn (NL) - multimedia artist

Find the complete list at www.sensorium.is