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Interview with Lynne Hall about sexual and social robotics

Intimacy is being technologized for a long time now. Will further technologization of human sexuality take way of increasingly sophisticated hardware and more authentic sex robots, or will it be focused more on virtual reality? We asked about these questions British cyberneticist Lynne Hall, who works both in the field of theory as well as in applied development.

Despite all the effort of making technology and science more open for women, there are still not many women specialists in robotics and cybernetics. Is my observation right? Why do you think it is so? Are social robotics a feasible way to change this situation?

There are more women involved in social robotics, however, there are still many more men than women. Computer Science is a masculine discipline. It has been mainly constructed by men and has values, approaches and attitudes that can be unattractive or even toxic for women. For example, Tech Entrepreneur culture is often not effective nor attractive for many women.

Notably, some things that could have been CS have migrated elsewhere. For example, social media and digital content have escaped to media, design and marketing where there are more women.

Social robotics, similar to other fields where there are more women in Computer Science, seems somehow of less value or relevance than more male-dominated areas. For …

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